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Compliance Policy

Please take a few minutes to review our Compliance Policy for this site.

Liberty Furniture Ind. Corporation is committed to a work environment that is free from human trafficking, forced labor and unlawful child labor. We strongly support ethical and lawful employment practices throughout our company and supply chain. Liberty Furniture has employees worldwide that personally visit our suppliers to ensure they follow our ethical standards. Liberty Furniture requires that all suppliers and our company offices and factories abide by all international and local laws pertaining to human rights.

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – Liberty Furniture is in compliance with all the CPSIA requirements for lead contents in finish materials and compliant with the MSDS requirements for health and safety of finish materials and formaldehyde contents of particle board and MDF boards according to the CARB requirements. We also meet the tipping restraint requirements as set forward by the furniture council.

C.A.R.B. compliance – Liberty Furniture is compliant with current enforcement and record keeping requirements and is C.A.R.B. compliance according to the Phase 2 standards as required by the California Air Resource Board

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